Sunday, January 26, 2014


This counter is even richer, such shiny things!  I am a rich man!  28h x 22w

Coffee or tea?

The top of the stove is  a landscape, love chrome!   28h x 22w acrylic on paper


I am looking at all the shiny things in my life, so many and everyday!  28h x 22w acrylic on paper

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Studio

It sometimes helps to see where the art is made,,,,,,to understand the art,  this is the business end of my studio, the light is sooooo good!


Why?  why not, the usual can be made unusual when it is the  focus of our interest.  28h x22w, acrylic on paper

Lost Cow

Lost in the weeds, you take on an unusual color.  acrylic on paper 28h x22w

Mother and Child Reunion

Black cows lost is a hay field having a hard time finding each other.......acrylic on paper 28h x 22w

green truck, top of the hill, behind the barn

Evening light, so many old trucks ended up here.  Acrylic on paper 28h x 22w